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The Primus Institute

The Primus Institute was founded in 2005 as a private institute and has its registered office in Kranj, Slovenia. Its aims are non-profit and its purpose and activities place it in the category of non-governmental organisations.  

The Institute's programmes cover four key areas of activity. Access to Justice covers legal advice in proceedings before domestic and international bodies and courts, the implementation of legal programmes for at-risk social groups, the prevention of discrimination, the guaranteeing of equal opportunities and programmes for young people. Peace covers the implementation of programmes involving mediation, neutral assessment in disputes and activities relating to international development aid. Welfare covers the development of programmes designed to achieve a stimulating financial and tax environment for publicly beneficial activities in society and the inclusion of the public in the processes of formulating policies, regulations and measures. Europe covers assistance in monitoring European development trends, lobbying, and seeking funds in the European Union and in the preparation of quality projects and programmes with European orientations.

The Institute is a member of various domestic and foreign organisations and implements programmes in the Gorenjska region, throughout Slovenia, and in Europe.

institute name: The Primus Institute

address: Britof 469, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia
telephone: + 386 4 23 448 04

fax: + 386 4 23 448 05

e-mail: info@institut-primus.siTa e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Če ga želite videti, omogočite Javascript.


director: Tatjana Strojan

tax number: 10693386

registration number: 2088177

account number: 02068-0257457822